🏠Introduction to SlerfTools

SlerfTools | Solana Toolset for Creating Tokens, Bulk Airdrops, and Market Making Bots

Create tokens on Solana, set up OpenBook, burn liquidity, perform bulk airdrops, and market making bots. SlerfTools helps you easily build successful projects.

Introduction to the SlerfTools Project

SlerfTools is a toolkit specifically designed for Solana, dedicated to simplifying blockchain operations. It offers a fully visual interface without the need for programming, making complex processes such as token issuance and liquidity management secure and straightforward. In the future, SlerfTools will expand to include more features, such as bulk address management, bulk aggregation, and bulk sending, to provide more efficient asset management and operational convenience. These new services will further enhance the practicality of SlerfTools within the Solana blockchain ecosystem, meeting the diverse needs of users.

Whatever Solana users need, we will create. Our focus and expertise in satisfying users' needs make us happy.

Project Background

When the founder of the Slerf project was burning LP tokens, a mistake led to the burning of airdrop reserved tokens as well, resulting in a loss of $10 million worth of Slerf tokens and affecting 25,000 presale buyers. Despite this mishap, often referred to as a misstep rug pull, the founder responded to the community with complete transparency during a space session. This action garnered overwhelming support from investors, and within just 30 minutes, Slerf's market value surpassed $1 billion, elevating it to the status of the new meme king.

The greatest "maneuver" created a legendary narrative, embodying the true spirit of Bitcoin. Therefore, we decided to respond to the inspiration from this legendary moment by creating SlerfTools. This toolkit aims to provide convenient tools for Solana users, helping to avoid similar mistakes and continue this legendary story. By supporting community development, we aim to further promote the prosperity of the Solana ecosystem.

SlerfTools Development Plan

The development plan and roadmap for SlerfTools can be divided into several phases:

  1. Initial Phase: Focus on developing basic functions such as token creation, liquidity creation and revocation, token permission relinquishment, LP and token burning. This ensures that project teams can easily launch and manage their tokens.

  2. Mid-Term Development: Enhance features like token management, liquidity management, bulk sending, and aggregation to provide project teams with a one-stop blockchain management solution.

  3. Professional Phase: Introduce advanced features such as swap, bulk swap, and market-making bots to support professional users in bulk trading. Additionally, launch incentive mechanisms like trading mining and token staking to build a comprehensive tool platform for professional clients.

  4. Extended Services: Develop services related to the Solana chain, such as node services and auditing services, and provide a Solana ecosystem map to meet users' needs for on-chain information and resources, further enriching the Solana ecosystem.

Through this development pathway, SlerfTools plans to gradually build a comprehensive, efficient, and professional Solana blockchain toolkit, serving various users and promoting the prosperity of the Solana ecosystem.

SlerfTools Roadmap

SlerfTools Roadmap Overview:


  • Token creation

  • OpenBook market creation

  • Token locking

  • Liquidity pool creation

  • Token burning

  • Invitation mechanism

  • Bulk sending and aggregation

  • Solana node services


  • Additional wallet address-related services

  • Swap functionality

  • 1V1 "sniper" trades

  • Multi-to-multi trades

  • Strategy trading bots based on swaps

  • Expanded token management functions


  • Project calendar

  • AI contract auditing

  • Coin sniping functionality

  • Market value management tools

  • Enhanced user interaction features

By sequentially perfecting basic services and gradually introducing advanced functions and professional services, SlerfTools aims to support community development and meet the needs of various users, thereby promoting the prosperity of the Solana ecosystem.

How to Empower $Slerf?

SlerfTools has decided to use Slerf tokens as the primary currency for its business operations. This means that Slerf tokens will be used on the SlerfTools platform to pay for service fees, obtain specific discounts, and participate in staking activities. This approach not only enhances the utility of Slerf tokens but also helps to strengthen the sense of community engagement and increase the market value of the tokens.

SlerfTools Empowerment Plan

Once SlerfTools is launched and running stably, the following plans will be executed successively:

  1. Discount Incentives: Provide different levels of discounts based on the amount of Slerf tokens held. For example:

  • Hold 10,000 Slerf tokens for a 10% discount

  • Hold 20,000 Slerf tokens for a 20% discount

  • Hold 50,000 Slerf tokens for a 40% discount

  • Hold 100,000 Slerf tokens for a 50% discount

  1. Exclusive Payment: Certain services or features, such as market-making bot rentals and airdrop tool services, will only accept Slerf tokens as a payment method.

  2. Staking Rewards: Users who stake Slerf tokens can receive a share of SlerfTools' revenue.

This plan aims to encourage the holding and use of Slerf tokens by offering tangible benefits, thereby enhancing the token's circulation and value.

Relationship Between Slerf and SlerfTools

SlerfTools is a tool platform designed for the Slerf community and Solana blockchain users, dedicated to providing convenient blockchain operation tools and services. By adopting Slerf as the business token, SlerfTools deepens its connection with the Slerf project, aiming to jointly promote the development of the Solana ecosystem. This enhances the application scenarios and value of Slerf tokens while providing more convenience and benefits to members of the Slerf community.

SlerfTools Partner Program

The SlerfTools Partner Program aims to incentivize KOLs and regular users to invite others to use the platform through the following points:

  1. Invitation Rewards: Partners can invite new users to register and use SlerfTools by sharing a unique invitation link. For each successful invitation, partners will receive a share of the revenue.

  2. Earnings Settlement: Partner earnings will be periodically settled based on the activity and usage of the platform by the invited users.

  3. Tier System: Introduce a tier system that provides different levels of partners based on the quantity and quality of invitations, offering higher revenue shares and additional benefits.

  4. Transparency Mechanism: Provide real-time data tracking and detailed earnings reports to ensure partners can clearly see their contributions and earnings.

  5. Support and Training: Offer professional marketing support and training to partners, helping them effectively invite new users.

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